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Workers’ Compensation

The Top Five Workers’ Compensation Claims and Their Causes

One of the largest workers’ compensation insurance carriers released a report that detailed the top five workers’ compensation claims nationwide and their causes. Reviewing claims filed between 2010-2014 from businesses of various sizes and industries, the top five workers’ comp claims were strains and sprains (30%), cuts or punctures (19%), contusions (12%), inflammation (5%), and fractures (5%). Strains and sprains were the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims in all industries except for small businesses, which experienced claims for cuts and punctures more frequently.

Eye injuries were the most frequent claim in the construction and manufacturing arenas. However, the injuries with the highest incurred cost were amputations, dislocations, electric shock, and crushing and multiple trauma injuries, although these types of workers’ comp injuries happen far less frequently. According to the report, strains and sprains caused on average 57 missed work days, followed by cuts and punctures with 24 days missed of work. Inflammation and fractures caused the most missed work days, at 91 and 78 days, respectively.

The causes of workers’ compensation claims varied by industry, but the most frequent causes reported were material handling (32%), slips, trips, and falls (16%), being struck by or colliding with an object (10%), accidents involving tools (7%), and traumas that occurred over time from overuse or strain (4%). The report also showed that certain types of workers’ comp accidents happened more frequently in certain industries. For example, material handling is the most common cause of claims but they are far more prevalent in manufacturing and retail industries. Falling from a height was one of the most common causes in retail and construction, whereas in the oil and gas industry the top cause of workers’ comp claims is motor vehicle accidents.

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Workers’ comp is meant to provide benefits for people hurt on the job, regardless of fault. Almost all insurers in Virginia are required to have workers’ comp insurance for their employees, but filing a claim for benefits can be a lengthy and complex process. In addition, some employers retaliate against their employees for filing a workers’ compensation claim and fire them to try and get out of paying for their benefits. As an injured employee, you have rights and a lawyer can help you enforce them.

In addition, a lawyer can ensure that you are receiving all the benefits you deserve under workers’ comp, which can include lifetime medical benefits, wage loss replacement, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, mileage reimbursement, and in the worst cases, death benefits to family members. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like those at Harbison & Kavanagh can review your case and advocate for the benefits you deserve.

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