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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"The team at Harbison & Kavanagh went above and beyond to assist with the filing of the SSI/SSDI applications. The application is very lengthy, but they are patient and ask the right questions to make sure the application shows the entire limit of one's disabilities. I would highly recommend Harbison & Kavanagh to assist and navigate the requirements of the Social Security Administration."

Colette Kail-Walsh

"I could NOT oversell the value of having such efficient and professional people to represent me for my injury.  After obtaining them, I was actually able to focus on my health rather than play games with the insurance company.  I would recommend Harbison and Kavanagh to ANYONE needing assistance with a workers compensation case."

Kenneth Johnson

"I worry about big things, but everyone here, was very patient with me, kept me in the loop with all I needed to know, made sure they had all the information they needed to present my case, prepared me for what would go on at my hearing, and were, I believe, integral in me winning my case. I would HIGHLY recommend them if you find yourself in need of a lawyer's services to work for you when applying for disability!!"

Susan Crane

"I can't say enough about Sean Kavanagh, from Harbison & Kavanagh. He was incredibly kind, as our situation is very difficult. He didn't make me feel rushed, made sure to answer all of my questions & was patient while doing so. He made me feel completely at ease when I was talking w/ him. I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a good lawyer.  Thank you so much Sean!!!"

Milly May Sullivan

"I was at rock bottom and hopeless having lost faith in our government and system writ large. A quick and easy call is all it took to bring me out of misery and ultimately provide my family with the most we could expect. I am forever grateful. Wonderful people easing my wife's and my concerns at ever corner."

Steven Paulino

"Great firm, great experience. Everyone has been professional, helpful, patient and informative throughout this process. I highly recommend them!!!"

Karen Cavallaro

"Outstanding!!! I would recommend their service to anyone. They were very good listeners and communicators...very professional and skillful doing their job and compassionate for me as a person not just a client. Thank you so much❤️"

Lynette Wyche

"Was able to speak with someone knowledgeable each time I called.  Although they prefer appointments, they were willing to see and speak with me when I visited the office."

Tee Jay

"They are a well ran firm that was very caring and responsive to all my needs and the matter at hand highly recommend them and would use them again.  Thank you Harbison and Kavanagh."

Rayvon Brantley

"I am pleased to recommend Sean Kavanaugh. I sought advice regarding a disability matter and found him to be knowledgeable of the issues, comfortable to speak with and easy to understand. So don’t hesitate to contact him if you need assistance."

Crystal L.

"I have been turned down by social security several times. Thanks to Mr. Harbison I was finally approved after fighting my disability claim. The staff is very pleasant and professional. Thank you all for fighting for me. I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to get approved for disability. Katherine Vargo"

Katherine Vargo

"Everyone that I spoke with at Harbison & Kavanagh was very helpful and professional. If you need an attorney to represent you this is the office to call. Thank you for all you have done for me .🙏"

Tracey Sampson

"I met Mr kavanagh in 01 with my case, since then he's answered every question and talked me through my proceedings and advised the right course of action. He has been a pleasure to work with in this matter and will continue helping, thank you."

Tony D.
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