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Lawyers for Disability Evaluations in Richmond, VA

Successful Richmond SSD Lawyers

In order to have your claim accepted and begin obtaining social security disability benefits, you may be required to submit documentation from a medical professional to support your claim. This documentation will detail the extent of your condition, including how it is impacting your life, and be considered as verifying evidence by the Social Security Administration.

If you need assistance filing for social security disability benefits, it is important to review your case with a skilled Richmond Social Security disability attorney. At Harbison & Kavanagh, our team of attorneys have substantial experience helping Virginia residents apply to receive the income they need to help them continue to live comfortably despite their inability to work. We have considerable knowledge of the Social Security application process, and we can help you submit a carefully-prepared application to maximize the chances of your claim being accepted the first time.

Before applying for Social Security disability benefits, call Harbison & Kavanagh today at (804) 888-8000 and let us review your case for free!

Determining the Extent of Your Condition

If you have been injured and are applying for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will most likely deny your claim if you do not submit supporting evidence with it. Our attorneys can advise you on having your condition evaluated and documented in a way that maximizes your chances at having your claim accepted.

  • It is important to document any activities that are difficult for you, including:
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Walking
  • Lifting
  • Gripping objects

A doctor can also document any damage that may have occurred as a result of continual exposure hazards. If you are having trouble breathing or have had your vision reduced, these could also be considered injuries and potentially make you eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Contact Harbison & Kavanagh today for assistance with your social security disability claim!

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Our Richmond workers’ compensation lawyers have handled thousands of cases on behalf of injured and disabled workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There is very little we have not seen in terms of medical conditions in the context of a disability claim. Our depth of knowledge of the law has been honed through extensive appeal experience at the Federal Court level.


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