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At Harbison & Kavanagh, we understand how devastating it can be to receive a notification that your Social Security disability (SSD) benefits have been denied. If you recently found out that your claim has been denied, please contact our SSD attorneys in Richmond immediately to discuss your case. Because of the complex nature of Social Security, understanding why your claim was denied can be difficult without the aid of experienced representation.

Why Was My Claim Denied?

There are a variety of reasons that can lead to your claim or benefits being denied. Often, when you try and contact the Social Security Administration (SSA), it can take days, even weeks, to get a response as to why your application was denied.

  • The most common reasons for your claim being denied include:
  • Insufficient medical evidence
  • Outdated medical records
  • Incorrectly filled claim or application

Denials are not uncommon, as many Social Security Disability claims are initially denied. There have been cases in which applications are simply misplaced or not properly filed. Your attorney can look into having your benefits retroactively reinstated under certain conditions.

It’s Time to Appeal - Call Our Firm!

Just because your claim was initially denied does not mean that your case is closed. While you can try to appeal your case on your own, you should consider seeking assistance from an experienced social security disability lawyer. The appeal process can be burdensome and confusing.

At Harbison & Kavanagh, our Richmond Social Security disability attorneys know that your best opportunity at expediting your claim is to file your appeal immediately. With over four decades of combined experience, our firm is here to help you get your life back on track.

Don’t delay any longer, contact our SSD lawyers at 804.888.8000 to set up a free consultation today! We are located in Richmond, VA.

We proudly serve the residents of Richmond, Petersburg, Charlottesville,
Williamsburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the surrounding areas.

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Our Richmond workers’ compensation lawyers have handled thousands of cases on behalf of injured and disabled workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There is very little we have not seen in terms of medical conditions in the context of a disability claim. Our depth of knowledge of the law has been honed through extensive appeal experience at the Federal Court level.


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