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Workers Compensation

What is Included in Virginia Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Getting injured on the job can be a scary and confusing experience, and filing a workers’ compensation claim with your employer is not always the most straightforward process. It can be difficult to understand what exactly you will receive in terms of benefits by filing a workers’ compensation claim after an injury, especially while your focus is on your recovery. The knowledgeable and experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Harbison & Kavanagh in Virginia understand that this is a difficult time and are here to help you understand what you can expect from workers’ compensation benefits after you file a claim for injuries.

Medical Benefits

If you file a claim for workers’ compensation with your employer, the first and immediate benefit is coverage of your medical expenses. Your employer is responsible for covering the costs of medical treatment through an approved insurance carrier, which includes mileage reimbursement to and from your medical appointments, authorized doctor and specialist costs, and payment for all authorized medically necessary care and treatment. Care and treatment includes coverage for all doctor’s visits, hospitalization, physical therapy, medical tests, prescription drugs, and prostheses.

Lost Wages & Disability Benefits

The next set of benefits under workers’ compensation is for lost wages and disability benefits while you recover from your injuries. There are two types of disability benefits to help make up your lost wages under workers’ compensation: temporary total disability and temporary partial disability. Temporary total disability entitles you to two-thirds of your wages if you are unable to work, and temporary partial disability supplements your wages if you can return to work with restrictions while easing loss unless you’ve been out 21 days. Wage loss compensation is not available during the first week after your accident and kicks in on day eight for your injuries.

Once you have reached maximum medical improvement, the doctor may have you evaluated for permanent partial disability. If you receive an impairment rating, you may also qualify for permanent partial disability benefits in addition to your wages. If you are permanently unable to work following a workplace accident, you may qualify for permanent total disability benefits.

Death Benefits

In the most serious cases of workplace accidents, where an employee loses their life as a result, the family of the employee is entitled to receive death benefits. This includes burial and funeral expenses up to $10,000, reasonable transportation expenses up to $1,000, and compensation to the dependents of the deceased. Dependents include a spouse and children up to the age of 23 years old if enrolled in an accredited educational institution. Talk to an attorney in Virginia workers’ compensation law to learn more about the benefits you are entitled to as an employee today.

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