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The social security disability benefits application process is not an easy one. The Social Security Administration estimates that two out of every three applications are initially denied, often times for mistakes that could have easily been corrected. When you need financial assistance from the Social Security program, it is important to make sure your application is filed properly, making the assistance of a skilled Richmond social security disability lawyer highly recommended.

The skilled team at Harbison & Kavanagh have helped thousands of clients with the SSD application process, and have a deep familiarity with the laws and procedures surrounding social security disability benefits. We understand that everyday expenses without a steady source of income can be an often-times impossible task. That is why we work hard to provide you with experienced and reputable counsel for every step of the application process.

Call Harbison & Kavanagh today by dialing (804) 888-8000 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

Succeeding in the Application Process

The most important step to any application process is determining if you are eligible to receive social security benefits. During your consultation, we will listen to the story of what has happened to you, and how it has impacted your life. If we believe you have a case, we can then assist you in collecting the evidence necessary to file your claim.

  • The application process includes the following steps:
  • Prepare your claim: Gather all necessary supporting evidence to provide legitimacy to your claim
  • Fill out the proper paperwork: We can ensure you perform this step correctly to minimize the chance of a denied claim
  • Wait and Follow-Up: The process for getting a decision on your claim can take 3-5 months,
    possibly longer
  • Receive your decision: You will be informed via mail whether your claim is accepted or denied,
    and how to appeal if you wish
  • Appeal your claim: We can help you submit your case for reconsideration, including requesting
    a disability hearing and several other steps.

Don’t delay! Contact Harbison & Kavanagh and get help with filing your claims now!

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Our Richmond workers’ compensation lawyers have handled thousands of cases on behalf of injured and disabled workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There is very little we have not seen in terms of medical conditions in the context of a disability claim. Our depth of knowledge of the law has been honed through extensive appeal experience at the Federal Court level.


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